Fall 2015

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For; to (do) Palo Alto - Office

(Meet, Pep & Prep, Code, and to be Dispatched from Inside the HanaHaus)

Looking for a great place to get started in Palo Alto, as a bootstrapped company, renting or leasing an office was beyond our means.

We researched other tech companies and took note of a trend:

  • Most started in a garage - Our founder did that (while attending Cal Poly San Luis Obispo he rented the garage - of an older woman who worked for the city - as his living quarters. This while he worked towards his Masters of Architecture (of which he had to leave before completing the program) - with his thesis being on the establishment of 49 companies based around 7 basic needs of humans:
    (Each basic need represents a sector in business terms)
  • Food/Water
  • Clothing
  • Shelter
  • Transportation
  • Security
  • Education
  • Social

  • Note:
    This grouping or companies would later be the founding of For; to (do).

    One notable company (Google) started its' New York office in a Starbucks. Well, while in the Research & Development era you can say of Taskdoers - our founder worked out of the Birmingham, Michigan Starbucks and the Birmingham, Michigan Public Library.

    So, when we came to Palo Alto, and while looking for space to set-up, we came across HanaHaus which had just opened. We felt this to be a great place to meet-up. Since we could not use it as our office space, we would use it as our daily meeting, pep, and morning launch location in Palo Alto. Our mailing address would be in Mountain View where someday we hope to headquarter our North America operations.