Service Alert: For; to (do) Rides restricted service

**When you "Go for a Ride" you either A) use For; to (do) Rides to either get a Lyft, Taxi, Uber, etc., or B) Have For; to (do) Rides take you to your destination itself.

Currently, option B above - For; to (do) Rides itself providing you a Ride - is not yet servicing none Registered Users, and for those who are registered users, it is servicing those users who have been invited to use the service.**

Remember, registered or not, if you have not received an invitation to start receiving service, your request will not be fulfilled.

Taxi Drivers ; and also - It's almost time to launch ....

Another day out in the field: Providing our services; get 4 letter words spoken to us by taxi drivers and physically impeding our Doers. We learnt today where the ... stands.

We listened. We learnt. We move forward.


Also, over the passed year, we have been quietly preparing our Sites, Services, Products, and Apps (yes Apps - plural). Soon comes the mon.., we meant, fun part: We Launch This!

"Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
and never brought to mind?
Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
and auld lang syne?"

Prince, you too are now "Free" 🌷


Today, the 21st of April, of 2016, Prince - who wrote and sung one of our favorite songs; "Free" - passed away.

Prince sung about "this thing called life," and our founder, indeed our mission is just that. to help us all get through it - "Life."

Thank you Prince, for all that you gave; for all that you got us through.

We're so glad that you too are now "free, for many a man whose not."

Astor P. Birri


For; to (do)

And, another milestone bites the dust

First "Rides" request via

Customer requested a pick-up, but forgot to input the details or her travel. Hence, we were able to communicate with her via email, voicemail, and text messenger during her plane ride, and upon her arrival, we spoke with her directly.

We were (multi)channeling our support, and desire to service her needs.


Recently Challenged, but Forging on - Now, even MORE determined to be (T)here for you

On January 11, 2016 we learnt the hard way of the challenges ahead of us, and the forces determined to make it hard for any start-up to enter into business.

That said, we know, and live by many words in general, but one word in particular: "Stick–to–itiveness" : the quality that allows someone to continue to do something even though it is difficult or unpleasant.

We do not care about the titles or labels we earn; are imposed upon use; or by which we are called.

We DO care about the services we provide - to YOU, and yours - that is, helping OUR People get through this thing we call life.

We are (T)here for you!


Astor Birri

For; to (do) Inc. Founder / CEO /

Director of Operations

Pick-up & Deliver in Action: Item left behind recovered & shipped

A New Service in action:

- A New customer contacted For; to (do) to go to the hotel where the person and her mother had just left and to recover an item left behind, and to bring it to them at the Airport.  But because of the possibility of missing their flight, she hired For; to (do)  to send it to her.  

We told the customer : "We are here for you'".

Hence, a For; to (do)er retrieved the item, and went to FedEx later in the day to ship it.  The "doer" had the item packed and corresponded with the client to pay for the package and to arrange shipment. 

Copies of of the receipt were photographed, and emailed to the client. 

Tracking notices were sent to the client and For; to (do).

So, as we said to the customer, we say to you -

"We are (t)here for you"