Pick-up & Deliver in Action: Item left behind recovered & shipped

A New Service in action:

- A New customer contacted For; to (do) to go to the hotel where the person and her mother had just left and to recover an item left behind, and to bring it to them at the Airport.  But because of the possibility of missing their flight, she hired For; to (do)  to send it to her.  

We told the customer : "We are here for you'".

Hence, a For; to (do)er retrieved the item, and went to FedEx later in the day to ship it.  The "doer" had the item packed and corresponded with the client to pay for the package and to arrange shipment. 

Copies of of the receipt were photographed, and emailed to the client. 

Tracking notices were sent to the client and For; to (do).

So, as we said to the customer, we say to you -

"We are (t)here for you"